I love subtilely colored wedding dresses. Blueish grey, blush, soft mint green, powdery sandstone, nude, dusty blue or subtle lilac. Today I’m sharing my favourite coloured wedding dresses with you. If you'd like to know the designer of the dress or would like to see more images of the dress, just click on the image.

Bride and groom on a Tyrolean mountain in Austria
Subtitely colored wedding dresses for your destination wedding
A collection of subtilely colored wedding dresses


Bridal couture designers who have pastel coloured gowns in their collections

I've compiled a list of my favourite bridal couture designers who have subtilely pastel coloured gowns in their collections:


More wedding dress inspiration in pastel colours

If you'd like to be inspired by more subtilely pastel coloured wedding dresses I have gathered an entire Pinterest board filled with only pastel coloured wedding dresses. Check it out!

I hope you enjoyed this collection of subtilely colored wedding dresses as much as I did when I shot them. If you'd like me to capture you at your destination wedding wearing your own pastel colored wedding dress, then don't hesitate to contact me!


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