I first submitted photos to the Shoot & Share contest in 2017. It's a free contest in which every photographer (pro and amateur) can submit photos to. In the first year I submitted, I already had 6 photos that placed! Of course it's awesome to win, but the best part of the contest is the voting. During a month long of voting, you get presented 4 photos and each time you vote for the photo that speaks to you most. It's anonymous, the voting as well as the photographers whose photos you see. Voting can be done by everyone as well, and though some find it downgrades the contest that even toddlers can vote, I think it's actually awesome. Toddlers too have a preference for what they see, so I think it's beautiful that whole families, including kids get to vote in this competition. 413.000+ photos were submitted out of 160 countries. Over the period of about a month, 12 voting rounds take place and my images made is pretty far! *does a happy dance* I submitted photos that made it into the top 30%, 20% and 10% and 1 of them even made the final round!

6 of my photos made it into the top 30%




3 of my photos made it into the top 20% of all images submitted into the contest




And two of my images made it into the top 10% out of all the 332.768 images that were submitted:



And one of my images was voted the 229 place of the 11696 submitted in the particular category:


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