The Shoot & Share Contest was created with the photographers community in mind. Every photographer can submit images and anonymously photographers and non-photographers vote for their favorite photos by choosing their favorite out of 4 images. This makes it not only a fair but also a very fun contest in which many photographers participate. 332.768 photos were submitted out of 141 countries. Over the period of about a month, 12 voting rounds take place and my images made is pretty far! *does a happy dance* I submitted photos that made into the top 30%, top 20% and even the top 10% of the contest!

6 of my photos made it into the top 30%

Trouwfotografie in Frankrijk voor bruiloften en elopements

Award winning wedding photographer in Europe

Award winnend trouwfotograaf gevestigd in Den Haag, werkend in heel Europa

Bekroonde trouwfotograaf gevestigd in Den Haag en werkend in Griekenland en Italie

Award winning European destination wedding photographer

Trouwfotograaf award winnaar.

3 of my photos made it into the top 20% of all images submitted into the contest

 Award winning wedding photography in the Pyrenees in france

Award winnende trouwfotograaf voor Den Haag en heel Europa

Award winning destination wedding photographer The Hague - Award winnende trouwfotograaf Den Haag


And two of my images made it into the top 10% out of all the 332.768 images that were submitted:

Award winning photograph of destination wedding photographer in Italy

Destination wedding photographer Austria - European award winning photographer

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