Anna and Nathan came to Anna’s favourite city to reenact Nathan’s marriage proposal. On the surface that might seem slightly cheesy but it’s actually unbelievably sweet. When Nathan proposed to Anna a couple of years ago (on a gorgeous spot on the Oregon btw, a place that is on top of my bucketlist tbh) he would so have loved to have ask her in her favorite city, on the foot of the Eiffel tower. Anna lost her heart to Paris when she studied in the city of love. Back then as a starting out actrice and a cinematographer they weren’t able to take the trip to France. That’s why Nathan asked Anna on a beautiful beach in Oregon but he took a giant print of the Eiffel tower with him to still have a little piece of Paris there.

Now the time had finally come when Anna could show “her city” to Nathan they came up with the idea to take this opportunity to make photos in the French capital. Obviously we started the shoot near the Eiffel tower and the Trocadèro, after which we went to a typical Parisian café, the world famous Musée du Louvre and the beautiful quays along the river Seine. What a treat to have these two sweet, fun and gorgeous people in front of my camera!

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'Sooooooo glad we choose you as our photographer!'
Floris & Berit about their Italian destination wedding

‘WOW, they are AMAZING!!!!!! We’re in love with them!! Sooooooo glad we chose you as our photographer! You’re not just good at your job but you’re also great company to have around on your wedding day/weekend!’

A bride, groom and their daughter in a sleigh during a photo shoot on their wedding day in Austria
-Joyce & Harm about their destination wedding in Austria
‘We can hardly believe it’s us’

‘Wow, such beautiful photos, every time we look at them we can hardly believe it’s us in the photos. We loved getting to know you and thank you so much for being a part of our day!!’

Coupl ein Paris near eiffel tower
Amanda Hammarstedt

‘THANK YOU SO MUCH! I LOVE these and it brings back SO many memories <3 THANK YOU!’