There are a number of reasons to want 2 rather than 1 wedding photographer at your wedding. Here is the top 5:

5. You'll get more photos
This sort of explains itself. More photographers equals more photos. Especially more photos of your guests. When I shoot on my own, my attention will be on the people getting married first and foremost. With a second shooter around I instruct him/her to focus on the guests.

4. You'll get photos from different point of views (As much as I'd like, I'm still not able to be in 2 places at the same time).
For example the getting ready of both partners can be captured at the same time. But also during the ceremony there are times where I would so much like to be able to apparate (you'll probably need to be a Harry Potter fan to get this term) so I could capture the facial expression of the one waiting down the aisle as well as the one walking down the aisle.

Even during the photoshoot it adds value in that 1 photographer can shoot wide while the other one shoots tight meaning we can often shoot the close-up/details at the same time as the epic shots with scenery in the background.

3. You'll get better photos
First of all there is a bigger amount of shots of each moment so the ones that are picked are of a higher standard. But because there are 2 photographers present I also get the chance to be more creative. When looking for the best angle I'm less scared to miss anything because I know my second is also around to capture it, which gives me the freedom to get more creative shots.

2. Double the security
In case 1 of them is sick/delayed/run over by a bus the other one will still come. Of course if I or my second shooter are unable to come a replacement will be found. But in the most extreme of circumstances (by which I indeed literally mean having an accident the morning of the wedding or during the wedding day itself) 1 will still be there to capture your wedding.

If you have 2 wedding photographers absolutely nothing will be missed

1. Absolutely nothing will be forgotten or missed!
Now, we wedding photographers like to pretend we are some kind of super humans being able to be on top of our game for 12 or more hours straight. This is something we like to kid ourselves with because... well... let's be honest 12 hours is just too long of a time period to perform at your very best the entire time. However, with two shooters, if one of them has a second or two not being on top of their game there is still the other photographer to capture anything the other might have missed. This also goes for those visits to the bathroom (although as super humans, we photographers of course can hold anything in until tomorrow) or the moment we need to switch lenses. I personally always work with 2 camera's on my camera holster, but while switching lenses my attention is still somewhere else (namely in my camera bag ;) ). However with two photographers around, one of them will still capture you if you suddenly start crying from laughter right at the time when one of us has their nose in their camera bag.

Why 2 wedding photographers

Are you interested in having 2 wedding photographers at your wedding? Email us to find out if we are still available for your wedding date. Have a browse through my wedding photography portfolio or contact me if you have any questions! I can't wait to hear about all your plans for your wedding!


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