Wedding fairs, most of us are not really into them. Am I right? They usually involve a lot of salesy vendors, kitschy products and mostly a lot of examples on how you do not want to celebrate the bond you have with the person you love most of all. That’s what most wedding fairs in The Netherlands still look like. “The Love & Marriage Beurs“, Holland’s biggest wedding fair, is working hard on changing with some modern and awesome vendors and their “Wedsy square”. Which is a square that groups all vendors that are hip and make handmade products. The L&M fair still also has a lot of tradition stuff that will scare away any hipster couple within seconds. The Love & Marriage Fair tries to serve everyone and that makes it both versatile on the one hand and partially uninteresting at the other hand.

But since a couple of years The Netherlands now have the very hip and innovative fair “Engaged“. After two editions it has started a new wave of wedding fairs that actually do inspire. Last year the barn wedding themed “Jullie Feestje” and the Belgium “I Do I Do” had their first editions.

What makes each of them special and what would be a good reason to visit them?

Innovative wedding fairs in The Netherlands 

Innovative: Engaged
“Engaged” is the most ground-breaking. It was the first Dutch wedding fair that dared to be, very, different. They used to have a yearly event in October but since 2016 they also have a second event in February. The next editions are on February 27th and 28th and October 8th and 9th at Lijm & Cultuur in Delft (a city between Rotterdam and The Hague). For tickets click here.

Wedding events cool in Belgium and The Netherlands 

Hippe Trouwbeurzen Wedding fairs in The Netherlands and Belgium Trouwbeurs

Great atmosphere: Jullie Feestje
“Jullie Feestje” translates from Dutch into “Your Party”. It’s a bit of an expression in which ‘your party’ stands for having the authority to make the decisions to plan your party (or in this case your wedding) just the way that you want it. This event is organized in a barn in Ottoland (between Leerdam and Sliedrecht) and has a very lovely easy going and familiar entourage. The vendors really work together to create a beautiful setting and this makes this event one of a kind. Traditional events often show a lot of rivalry between all vendors and there is nothing of the kind during “Jullie Feestje”. It makes it an event with true Dutch ‘gezelligheid’. The next event is at October 28th & 29th. Click here for more info.

Wedding fairs in The Netherlands 

Wedding fairs in The Netherlands 

In the south: I Do I Do
To be honest I haven’t been to this one my self. Yet! Because I’ll definitely be there during the next edition. I only heard good things about this fair. Both “Engaged” and “Jullie Feestje” are in Zuid-Holland. “I Do I Do” is in Belgium and this might make it more interesting for people in the south of The Netherlands. I believe it’s the first one of it’s kind in Belgium. It takes place in Antwerp and the next edition will be on October 23rd. Click here for more info.

Edit 8-12-16: A new Belgian (and hip!) addition is a wedding fair called Voor Altijd (meaning forever) in Hasselt!

Hippe trouwbeurs Wedding fairs in The Netherlands Trouwbeurzen 

Hip wedding event I do I do in Belgium
Foto: Elisabeth van Lent


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