In view of my recent publications on Girls of Honour and Fly Away Bride I was thinking of the wonderful time I've had in the Peloponesse, Santorini, Spetses, Skiathos and other places in Greece in the last couple of years in my work as a Greece wedding photographer. And I thought why not write a blogpost about what it is that makes Greece such a wonderful country in general and an amazing place to get married, apart from the obvious weather advantage it has over the UK and the Netherlands. So here you have it. Why you should consider Greece for your destination wedding:

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3 reasons to choose Greece for your destination wedding

1. The Epic Greek Landscapes

Breathtaking views, exclusive locations, tranquil beaches and picturesque villages. Greece has it all. It wasn't without reason that Lonely Planet awarded the Peloponnese the 1st place when it comes to places in Europe that are worth visiting.

Destination wedding photographer captures a wedding in the Peloponnesos in Greece

The beaches are magical and it isn't hard to find a beach that is void of any tourists, so you can have the amazing beach photo session that so many destination wedding couples are longing for. It has beautiful authentic villages and historical castles a plenty and if none of this is close to where you're staying there will always be stunning views or photogenic olive groves in your area.

Not to mention, the light in Greece is gorgeous! As a wedding photographer I'm more than happy to go back there over and over again 'cause the beautiful light will leave my clients with beautiful wedding photos every time (Hiring me for your Greece wedding does not involve travel costs btw, as all my packages include travel within western Europe). It's doesn't really matter if your Greece wedding is in the Peloponnese, Santorini, Mykonos, Paros or Crete either. The light is gorgeous any way.

A couple of my favorite places to stay, shoot and adventure:

Costa Navarino, my favorite place to stay
I'm a bit speechless when wanting to describe this epitome of luxury resorts. Costa Navarino houses two resorts and they are inter connected by an open air area filled with great restaurants, a stunning spa and entertainment. The first one is The Westin Resort. You'll be impressed with the beautifully decorated lobby and the soft toned stone walls that you're surrounded by when walking outside. I had the very nice pleasure of staying at the even more luxurious one of the two: The Romanos Resort. I think if the bible was written today it might have described this place when talking about Eden. There's a spectacular view or hidden gem around every corner in this amazing piece of the earth. Not to mention the beautiful beach, that is part of the resort and wellness heaven that is Anazoe Spa. Both resorts have the opportunity to book a room that includes a private pool, but all rooms that don't have a private do have a spacious balcony with an more than amazing view.

Costa Navarino wedding photographer Romanos Resort Trouwen in griekenland Trouwfotograaf European Destination wedding photographer_0002

Methoni Castle
Methoni Castle is a fortified Medieval city at the Messenian coast. The location invites you to imaging the stories that could be told by Methoni Castle. From when it was built by Venetians from 1209 onwards to the many armies that fought battles there to the adventures of the thousands of modern day tourists visiting the castle and experience the magical surroundings.

A bride in a destination wedding proof wedding dress together with her groom walking togetheir on their wedding day

2. The delicious Greek food

I have always been a fan of the Greek kitchen. When I was in Greece in 2015 I traveled with an international group consisting of mostly Canadians and Americans. They were highly surprised to find that I knew a lot of names of Greek dishes. Why is the Greek food so good and even better in Greece itself? It's fresh food that is full of flavor. Like in most southern European countries most of the ingredients used in the Greek kitchen are much fresher and because of that, have way more flavour than a lot of the food I find in the UK or the Netherlands. If you're a vegetarian, like me, you'll have no problem to find vegetarian food on any menu and if it isn't on there the cook will be able to make you something delicious and vegetarian still because there is just so much taste in the ingredients itself. But I've also had some very delicious meals in Greece that where actually Italian and French cuisine. But here are some of my favorite traditional Greek dishes, that are definitely worth trying out.

An olive oil bottle used as a giveaway at a destination wedding in Greece

A pastry filled with spinach and feta cheese somewhat similar to a Serbian, Turkish and Albanian dish called 'burek'. I could eat those all day long.

Melitzano Salata
A creamy aubergine dish that holds the middle between a sauce and a salad. I love this on a piece of flat bread.

This seems like simple salad, and it is! It's a salad of feta cheese, tomato's, olive oil and cucumber. But because the ingredients are often more locally sourced than in western Europe, it has so much more taste! You can actually taste the deliciousness of a tomato (instead of the famously tasteless water filled tomato's we have in The Netherlands and Britain).

Greece destination wedding photographer, reasons to chooses Greece for a destination wedding

3. Great wedding planners that are specialised in weddings in Greece

A couple of my favorite weddingplanners that are specialised is organising weddings in Greece:

Sand + Lace
Sand + Lace is a small but creative and professional event agency with a very personal way of working. Together with you they'll create your dream day in Greece. Their weddings are all unique, but with one thing in common: they are all under the Greek sun! Weddingplanner and stylist Bobbie Karagiannis is the Greek-Dutch owner of Sand + Lace. You'll love her contemporary and beautiful sense of style. Don't believe me? Take a look at her website.

De Griekse Bruiloft [The Greek Wedding]
Weddingplanner and ceremonial speaker Brigitte van Rijn-Duiveman of De Griekse Bruiloft (website in Dutch) has lived, studied and worked in Greece for a big part of her life. Her passion for the country and her love for the Greek people, their language and culture are deeply rooted inside of her. In Greece she feels at home.
With her years of experience in wedding planning she always creates a made-to-meassure Greek wedding, with the couple fully in charge of how they want to divide there budget.

Julia & Evita (formerly known as Santorini Glam Weddings)
Julia and Evita run Santorini Glam Weddings, a full-service event planning company serving Greece, with a special love for the Greek Islands. It is their passion for perfection that ensures each of their events is spectacular and unique from the first impression to the tiniest detail. Have a look at their design and planning services here.

Delicious food is 1 of the reasons to choose Greece for your destination wedding
Greece destination wedding photographer

Destination wedding photographer in Greece

I hope this article has inspired you to consider Greece as your country of choice for your destination wedding. If you are looking for an English or Dutch speaking wedding photographer to photograph your elopement or wedding,  book a free consult to discuss your wedding plans or send me a message to check my availability for your wedding date. With extensive travel plans throughout the year and bases in 3 European countries, all my wedding photography packages include travel to and from Greece (or any western European country for that matter).

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