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Op de leuke hippe trouwsite Girls of Honour werd vandaag de bruiloft van Jennie en Alastair gepubliceerd! Voor deze publicatie interviewde ze bruid Jennie. Naar aanleiding daarvan riepen de girls Jennie uit tot de koningin van de DIY. Lees het interview en bekijk de foto’s die we maakte hier op!

The lovely website Girls of Honour featured the wedding of Jennie and Alastair today! For this publication the girls interviewed bride Jennie. After this interview the girls decided that Jennie is the absolute queen of DIY. The publication is in Dutch so here are Jennie’s original answers in English:


Why did you decide to get married?

“We decided to get married because we love each other and felt it was the natural next step really, we wanted to confirm our commitment to each other, we’re both rather traditional too as a couple which is why we had a church wedding.”

20. bJennie+Alastair-48 Wedding photography United Kingdom Destination wedding Bruidsfotografie Den Haag


How did you find your weddingdress, and which brand is it?

“I spent many hours trawling different bridal shops with my bridesmaids, mum and mother-in-law and felt thoroughly confused. Then I decided to take my Dad with me – he has very good taste! The second dress I tried on I loved, I could see him stood behind me with tears in his eyes and knew it was the dress for me. It was from a lovely shops called ‘the bridal lounge’ in Trowbridge Wiltshire. I know it was made by an Australian designer as a one off catwalk piece but cannot remember his name!”

What did you save on budgetwise?/Where did you get all the decorations?

“Budget wise we saved a lot of money by having a casual hogroast dinner, feeding 120 is no mean feat! I also made all of the decorations, centerpieces, bunting, paper fans and even the sign post for outside the marquee myself. I sourced the cheapest materials I could and got busy!

I was also able to get some of the money back afterwards as a wedding hire company bought most of my creations to hire out to future brides.”

Cake of cheese, kaastaart 66. eJennie+Alastair-46 wedding sign lord of the rings

And what did you splurge on?

“We did splurge somewhat on the band – both being musical ourselves it was important to us that we had a band that was talented and would play music to our taste. Our band – The Dominoes – were amazing now we’re looking for another excuse to hire them again!

The one thing my husband saw and really wanted for the wedding was a sweety cart – so of course we splurged on that too.”

Do you have any last, great advice for brides to be?

“My advise for brides to be would be this – relax a bit, don’t be so nervous. Some things will go wrong, it won’t all go exactly as you’d expect it too, but you won’t notice as you’ll be so swept away by it all. Make sure you take the time to just stand back, during both the ceremony and reception, and watch what’s going on. Take in the atmosphere, your guests enjoying themselves and of course your lovely new husband, because the day goes so fast.”

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