I met Siobhan and Joe at the wedding of one of Siobhan's best friends, Jo, in Cornwall. I would be shooting my branding video a couple months later and I was looking for a couple to model for me during that shoot. My camera seemed to be in love with Siobhan and so I asked Siobhan where she lived (very much hoping she would live a bit closer to London than sunny Cornwall. As it turned out she did indeed and het fiancé actually worked in my favourite London borough, Southwark, where I was planning to do the branding shoot! Joe and Siobhan were such patience subjects and I had so much fun with them (after we finished I even showed them the restaurant situated in my favourite theater, The Menier Chocolate Factory, and we ended up having a lovely meal all together. Here's a sneak peek of the results!


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And here's the end result of the video, in which you can get to know me a bit:

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