For the Dutchies (by which I mean people reading Dutch, not joints reading my website ;) ) among you I'd like to share with you that a national Dutch newspaper has granted me the honour to publish a newsarticle about me being nominated in the VIVA400. Which is basicly...

The awkward moment when you're in the newspaper (AD Haagsche Courant) because you're nominated for an award because of your non-traditional wedding photography and the paper decides to place a photo with it that isn't yours ánd is very traditional 🤔

For those of you who don't read Dutch, this is what it says in short:

'Van Dijk nominated for price
Renate van Dijk is nominated to win the VIVA400-award. 'The jury of the price states that she creates innovating ideas around weddings' and is praised by the jury for her guts to be more concerned about creative ideas than technical perfection.'

Algemeen dagblad artikel over Renate van Dijk die opgenomen is in de VIVA400

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