Partner: Trouwvideo’s – The Best of Times Films

Since some time we started a partnership with “The Best of Times Films”. We love their style and just like us they always work with multiple camera’s and 2 videographers. This is what “The Best of Times Films” is all about:

‘”The Best of Times Films” is a The Hague based company specialising in wedding video’s. We produce fully edited and colour graded cinematic wedding films never missing a word, a vow or a kiss. Our filming and sound recording techniques allow us to capture the ceremony, the speeches or the first dance in their entirety. We always shoot with 2 to 3 cameras and two videographers present on location. This gives us an opportunity to film from different angles, later editing the footage into a consequent story, alternating between the shots, as you’re used to seeing in cinema. But your wedding film is not a mere montage of events. It is also a testimony, that’s why we pay special attention to details on a day when emotions run wild. A tear, a laugh, a proud glance, a tender touch, a nervous smile and the triumphant “I DO!”, those are the things that make your wedding film unforgettable. To learn more about the wedding video’s of “The Best of Times Films” visit their website:

trouwfilms Den Haag en Kent (Verenigd Koninkrijk) Wit Photography videograaf.
trouwfilms Den Haag en Kent (Verenigd Koninkrijk) Wit Photography videograaf.


The Hague wedding video Den Haag en Kent (Verenigd Koninkrijk) Wit Photography The Hague Videographer Den Haag Wedding video The Hague.

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