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Are you having your wedding, vow renewal, elopement, commitment ceremony, or general love-filled celebration at one of these locations (or involving one of these awesome things!)? If you are, there’s a pretty awesome surprise waiting for you! If you’re celebrating at any of these countries, towns or venues, or including any of these awesome things in your day, contact me – I can’t wait to hear all your awesome plans!





Countries, Cities & Villages:
-Bath, United Kingdom
-New Orleans, Louisiana
-Venice, Italy
-Joshua Tree, California
-Grand Canyon National Park
-Santorini, Greece
-Mali Ston, Croatia (Been there once,
would ♡ to shoot there!)
-New York City, US
-Charleston, South Carolina
-Washington, D.C.
-Greenwich, UK
-Iceland (perfect place for elopements)
Cornwall, UK (yay! coming in 2017!)
-Portland, Oregon
-Prague, Czech Republic

Venues & Locations:
Asylum Chapel, London
Brighton Pavilion, Brighton, UK
Sech’ry, Redu, Belgium
The Minack Theatre, Cornwall, UK
Victoria Baths, Manchester, UK
Highclere Castle, Newbury, UK
Gödöllö Castle in Gödöllö, Hungary
Vedema Resort, Santorini, Greece
Florida (Been there once, would ♡ to
shoot a wedding/elopement there!)
-Disneyland Paris (Been there several
times, would love to shoot there!)
Voewood in Holt, Norfolk, UK
-Disneyland, California
-Disney World, Florida (Been there
once, would love to go back!)
-Disney, Tokio
-Disney, Hong Kong
-Disney, Shanghai
-Yes, any of the Disney parks really
Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark
New York Public Library, New York
De Parade, Den Haag/Utrecht/
Rijk van de Keizer, Amsterdam
Eltham Palace, London
Hotel de Glace, Quebec, Canada
Fort Vechten, Bunnik, NL
Palm House, Kew Gardens, London
Fort 4, Antwerp
Horta Museum, Brussels
Costa Navarino, Greece
-A (Victorian) greenhouse

Themes , Items & Vendors:
-Theatre themed
-Ballet themed
-Circus themed
-A pastafari wedding
-Musical theater themed (big Stephen
Sondheim fan over here!)
-Wedding dress that shows off your
-George Seurat, M.C. Escher or
Degas themed
-Art Nouveau/Jugendstil themed
-Disney themed
-20’s themed
-30’s themed
-Travel themed
-Downton Abbey themed
-Reign themed
-50’s themed
-Old theaters or cinema’s
-Wild, offbeat, and/or colorful dresses
and/or suits
-Two brides both wearing a dress
-Jan Taminiau dress
-Styled by Pearl & Godiva
-Styled by Ginny Au
-Styled by Wunderkammer
-Flowers by Ponderosa & Thyme
-Vintage Hollywood
-Fairytale themed
-Harry Potter themed
-Secret Garden themed
-A wedding in the woods
-Peter Pan themed
-Pride & Prejudice themed
-Carnival themed
-Tipi wedding

Are you the lucky guy or girl planning a wedding in one of these locations or with one the above mentioned themes or vendors? Send me an email at to make an appointment (this can be at our office, by phone or through Skype/Facetime) and mention which of the items on my bucketlist is part of your wedding plans to learn all about this opportunity. I can’t wait to hear all about you and your wedding!

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